Blue's Movies

Here are some home videos I shot recently and then imported into the computer. Blue and I hope you like them. Download to your hard drive (click on the picture and choose "save link/target as") and then once downloaded, run it by double clicking. If you dont have a mpeg viewer, you can find one here.

Preview Pic: Description: Size: Length: Date:
Teasing Blue with a stuffed reindeer that we forgot to give her for Christmas (trust me, she got plenty!). 1.2 Meg 8 seconds 4/2/99
Chewing on her new toy, Blue says "don't think you are ever getting it back!" when mommy reaches for it. 2.1 Meg 15 seconds 4/2/99
"I'm ready to go, and not to forget my new friend..." 1.1 Meg 7 seconds 4/2/99
"Hey! Who does he think he is taking my lime light?!" 600 kbytes 4 seconds 4/2/99