You wanna learn more?

   So, what's this all about? This is an opportunity for the less computer savy
Chihuahua owners (those without the equipment or the know-how) to get their pets
on the internet. A permanent home to share your Chis with the rest of the
world. Your own URL to give out to friends and family to come visit your pup's
cyber home. Here is the complete breakdown on the site package:

  • Up to TWELVE images of your Chihuahua!
  • We can scan photos up to 11"x9" (no negatives, sorry).
  • We can pull images off of video tape (VHS or 8mm).
  • Your Chi's own URL (
  • We do all the HTML and graphic design.
  • No monthly server/maintenance fees... lifetime residence! (One time fee!)
  • FREE Submission of your URL to the TOP 25 search engines.
  • We accept credit card, personal check, and money order.
  • Your pet's picture and basic info posted in the Chi Launch Tenants area.
  • Unlimited textual info! Stories, biographies, etc. (Owner provided only).
  • All this for an unbelievably low price of $29.95!! (We love Chis!)
  • Future image updates of your pet available...
        Any additional images are only 50 cents each!
         (Remember owner provided text always FREE!).

    So, what are you waiting for? Email us today to get your any-age Chi on the PAD!

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