Tips for a Successful Website, by Steve Lillo

A successful website is something that everyone venturing into the 
new arena of Internet marketing and communications wants to have. 
Your website will often be a potential client's first impression of 
you and your business. That being said, it is vitally important that 
your website represent you in a favorable manner. Your website is a 
component of your overall marketing strategy and should be 
reflective of your business and current marketing presentation. 
Just as your brochures and other print materials represent a level
of quality and professionalism, your website should also represent
that same level of quality and professionalism. As a point of 
comparison, you most likely wouldn't have just anyone design your
company's marketing materials or for that matter, prepare your tax
statements. Similarly, it is important that the person creating your
website know how to effectively communicate both your message and
style, and be able to create an effective experience for those
visiting your site.

What does it really take to have your website be successful, and 
what are some of the most important steps you can take to make 
that happen?

1. If you intend to have a unique domain name for your website, you 
must first check to see if it is available. You can check to see if 
a domain name is currently registered at

2. Set a budget for your website. It is important to know how much 
you can spend on your project. In considering costs, remember that 
a website is a complex matrix of text and images and a professional 
execution is very important. As a generalization, the larger your 
investment, the greater your return. In order to spread your 
investment over time, you can also grow and expand your website 
gradually. Don't forget to include costs for promotion and 

3. Determine the purpose for your website and the intended 
results. Does this purpose support the mission and vision for your
company? The number of options and variables that are possible in 
the design of a website are virtually endless. Without a clear idea
of the purpose for your website, you may end up putting time, 
energy, and money into a project which doesn't meet your needs. If
you know in advance the results you intend to achieve, you will be
better equipped to create a website which will achieve those 

4. Consider the design and layout of your website. Is it easy to 
use? Does it take too long to down load? Is it easy for Internet 
visitors to find information? Does it meet the needs and 
expectations of your visitors? Several smaller pages eliminating
the need for scrolling are often more effective than one long page.
If an Internet visitor doesn't have a positive experience of your
website, she/he probably won't return, or won't tell someone else
about it. An effective website often creates a reason for the 
visitor to return. This reason can take the form of unique 
information that changes on a regular basis, interesting and useful
resources, or a way for visitors to communicate with you or with
each other. Use your website to build a relationship with your 
Internet audience.

5. Promote, promote, promote.
No one will find your site if you don't let them know about it. Your 
site must be posted to search engines such as Lycos, Yahoo, and 
Excite. There are approximately 20 to 30 main search engines and 
several hundred that are smaller or specialized. You can find an 
extensive list of website submission sites, services, and resources 

Include your website address on all your marketing materials; 
business cards, and advertising; you can even paint your address on 
the side of a company vehicle. The idea is to have as many people 
see your site address, and thus your website. You may also consider 
hiring a publicist to help you get the word out.

6. If at all possible, begin your website now. The companies which 
have been on the Internet the longest are those which achieve 
results sooner. If you are in an industry which isn't widely 
represented on the Internet yet, so much the better - you'll be 
able to start off with a larger market share. It's estimated that
there are about 200 million people using the internet with 75% of
the in North America. Start your Internet presence today!


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